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Supervised Visitation Program for Families

Image by Caroline Hernandez

A healthy, positive supervised visitation experience

Making Strides provides supervised child visitation services to assist families going through difficult transitions. The purpose of our supervised visitation program is to provide a place for children to be and feel safe, and where everyone is treated with respect. We provide this service to monitors and mental health practitioners because we believe children have a right to a safe and healthy relationship with their parents. Our program is equine interaction based and our main concern is the happiness and safety of all participants. 

We allow for the child and parent to work on their relationship in a safe, fun and caring environment with horses!

We at Making Strides offer our space and our beloved horses to Monitors  and/or Mental Health Practitioners to meet with families.  We currently offer 2 programs but can tailor it to your preference.  Please ask if there is anything we can do to better meet the needs of parent and child while at our facility. 


Ground Based Grooming Program

 The parent and child will both participate in grooming a horse together.  Our instructor will give them all the tools needed and a brief lesson on "how to groom".  The process of grooming horses can be used to help increase an individual’s communication skills, decrease anxiety, decrease depression, and in some cases decrease fear.  In exchange it builds a relationship between horse and human that promotes respect for one’s self and others....and self-confidence. Through the grooming process individuals experience a wide range of sensory and tactile stimulation from the feel of the horse’s body to the feel of the grooming tools and the sensations they produce.

In most cases, the monitor is a neutral party and does not interfere with this private time.  Our instructor will attend to the needs of the participant and be available to help provide safety and security when working around horses. 

For more info please e-mail or call (845) 706-2847. 

Image by Blake Barlow
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