Unmounted Grooming Session 

Grooming horses helps increase fine and gross motor skills by simply brushing the horse’s body. The process of grooming can be used to help increase an individual’s academic skills, communication, memory recall, and speech.




The motions used to groom also help to improve eye-hand coordination, flexibility, range-of-motion and upper body strength. In addition to the physical benefits of grooming, the process of grooming helps to create a bond between the horse and the human, which helps to decrease anxiety, depression, and in some cases fear.  In exchange it builds a relationship between horse and rider that promotes respect for one’s self and others, and self-confidence.


Through the grooming process individuals experience a wide range of sensory and tactile stimulation from the feel of the horse’s body to the feel of the grooming tools and the sensations they produce.

30min session..................$50


For ages 4+

For more info please contact us at makingstridesth@gmail.com or (845) 706-2847