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Q: What are Therapeutic Riding lessons?

A:  Therapeutic Riding lessons or "adaptive riding lessons" are lead by a PATH, Intl. Certified Instructor.  They are private classes (1 rider) and last for 30 min.  Most riders will have a dedicated team of trained volunteers to assist them. All classes are tailored to meet the needs and goals of each rider. You do NOT need a diagnosis to partake in therapeutic riding lessons. These sessions are provided at our Newburgh farm during the week & at our New Windsor farm on Saturday's and Sunday's only.

Q:  What are Community Riding lessons?

A:  Community Riding lessons are lead by a Certified Instructor and are open to ALL members of the community. These are able bodied lessons designed to strengthen horsemanship and riding skills or to teach new skills to first time students.  The lessons are 30 min in length.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time to groom and tack up your horse. We do have a rider weight limit of 190lbs. 


Q:  When are services are offered?

A:  Our Therapeutic Riding Lessons & Community Lessons are held May - October, All unmounted programs are offered all year round.  

Q:  Are your services covered under insurance?

A:  Making Strides does not work with any health care provider for billing.  We are hopeful that in the near future our therapeutic services will be recognized by most major insurance providers.  We DO work with NYS OPWDD Self Direction brokers to help individuals accomplish their personal goals. 

Q:  What are your eligibility guidelines?

A:   Click HERE to find out more. 


Q:  What do I wear?

A:  Appropriate clothes for riding are long pants or breeches and hard soled boots with a low heel.  Sneakers are permissible.  Dress for comfort and according to the weather.  Undergarments that provide adequate support and comfort are necessary. Wear close-fitting clothing for safety as well as comfort.  Loose or baggy clothing can get caught and tangled in equipment. No dangling jewelry is permitted.
All riders are required to wear an ASTM/SEI approved Equestrian Helmet. If you do not have your own helmet, Making Strides will provide you with one.  RIDERS ARE ENCOURAGED to purchase their own helmet to ensure the proper fit, we especially stress this during Covid due to sanitary reasons. We do make sure all helmets are properly disinfected after each use. 


Q: How does one become a rider in your Therapeutic Riding Lesson Program?

A: All riders must go through an evaluation/intake procedure. The intake assessment fee is $65. Please note that a rider must be at least 4 years old to participate in any of our equine assisted activities. There is no maximum age. While no clinical diagnosis is necessary to participate, it is required that participants have a need for our specialized, therapeutic environment.  You must complete a Participant Packet which contains an Application, Consent & Release Form and Medical History Form (which needs to be thoroughly filled out, signed by an MD, DO, NP or PA and dated to be valid). 

Once completed, please send the $65. intake fee along with paperwork by one of the following ways:  

  •  Emailed to
  •  Mail to:  Making Strides Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc.  6 Country Knoll, Clintondale, NY 12515
for your Welcome Letter. 

Once we have received your completed application, we will contact you to schedule an evaluation. An evaluation helps us ensure that we can safely accommodate you in our program, recommend the proper class, develop therapeutic goals and create good rider/volunteer/horse teams. Not everyone can be accepted into the program due to safety or physical or medical contraindications.  We do have a 190lb rider weight limit.
Upon completion of an evaluation and determination by Making Strides that we are able to safely accommodate the participant, the participant is then able to register for services. 


Q. What’s the difference between Therapeutic Riding and other equine assisted services and Hippotherapy?
A: While both activities engage a horse’s dynamic movement to stimulate physical, mental, and emotional growth, each is unique.
Therapeutic Riding and other equine assisted services at are taught by a PATH, Intl. Certified Instructor, conducted in a group or private setting, and are structured around teaching the riders life skills through activities that encourage the development of cognitive, physical and social skills. Group classes are organized according to age, type of disability and level of riding skill.

Hippotherapy is instructed by a licensed speech and language therapist (SLP), physical therapist PT), or occupational therapist (OT), who is registered with the American Hippotherapy Association (AHA) and is also a PATH Intl Certified Instructor. Each rider works one-on-one with the therapist allowing for intensive therapy directed specifically at the rider’s individual needs and goals.  We do not offer Hippotherapy at Making Strides at this time. 

Q. If I want to visit Making Strides do I need to make an appointment?

A: YES! We do prefer that a site-visit is scheduled. Scheduling a site-visit allows us to arrange one of our staff members to be available to escort you safely around the property and answer all of your questions..

Call or e-mail us and let us know you want to stop by! 



Q. Where are you located?

A:  We are located at Futia Farms in Wallkill, NY;  




Q. How do I Volunteer?

A:  We love our Volunteers! they are the backbone of our organization.  If you are interested and are 16 years of age or older please fill out our Volunteer contact form.  All volunteers are required to attend a volunteer orientation and a specific training session. 

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